Monday, December 1, 2008

New Gear

Just got back from PA, and am still fighting a cold.

Thanksgiving was fun, the food was good. I got to see Alex, and we are planning two trips, a short St. Regis jaunt in July to prepare for the big trip in August to Algonquin.

I also braved Black Friday crowds to hit up the REI in Philly. I needed a coat, because it's pretty freaking cold in Binghamton. I got a Mountain Hardware liner and shell. They aren't a 3 in 1 set, but they act as such and should keep me warm.

I also looked at the Salomon Techamphibians. They had one pair left, and they were 11.5s. I'm a 12 or a 13. But then I found out they were 50% off. So now I'm a 11.5.

I can't wait to stink them up this summer messing about in boats.

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