Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Miss Climbing

(Stover, late winter. Below the crux of Neanderthal 5.8)
I'm sitting in my room, watching the snow fall, putting off a paper, and wishing that I was climbing. I haven't gone since July, an incredibly long time. The little slab work I did in October only made me want more. Binghamton has a lot of great places, but they are severely deficient in crags. I'd even take (gasp) indoor climbing at this point.

This Thanksgiving, I'm going to need to hit Ralph Stover. Saturday for sure, maybe even Sunday morning before I head back.


I heard that one of the crux holds on Neanderthal broke. Obviously, for Stover, this is nothing new. The joke is, Stover is the most dynamic crag in the northeast, because the climbs change so frequently.

That said, if the new Neanderthal is way hard, I'm going to be upset. That was to be a summer problem.

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